IndieGoGo Rewards + Current Distribution Plans


We're currently creating and compiling all of the rewards for our generous IndieGoGo backers. Super excited about our posters, custom mix CDs, and other goodies. Here's a little peek at our postcards and buttons (snapped with my iPhone, so please pardon the mediocre quality):

It's almost July, and we're still waiting to hear from fall festivals. After we've made it through the festival cycle, however, we'll be getting the film out there for everyone to see. In all likelihood, we'll be releasing Sabbatical ourselves for streaming and download through Vimeo On Demand/Amazon Instant/iTunes at the end of 2014/beginning of 2015. We'll also be making a very limited run of special edition Blu-rays, which will be available for purchase through our official site. Though still very tentative, we also hope to have a few one-off public screenings in various cities (ideally, with myself in attendance). I'll be keeping you updated as our plans for distribution develop! I'll also be mailing packages to several of you in the coming months!