Wisconsin Film Festival Press Round-Up

We had a blast at our world premiere! And, people liked our movie! Below are various links, Tweets and photos celebrating Sabbatical at the Wisconsin Film Festival, including this glowing paragraph from Jake Smith:

"Sabbatical is a film of stylistic poise, honest performance, and astonighins control. As if these weren't enough, the film is in a 1.33 aspect ratio, which as the film's director Brandon Colvin pointed out, 'is more suited to the human body.' The gorgeous camerawork proves this point, especially in shots where star Robert Longstreet is in close-up. You realize through the course of the film that you just don't reflect on the character in someone's face quite the same way in 1.85 or 2.35. I was surprised by the impact this film had on me. I have probably given it more thought than any other film I've seen at the festival thus far. I know Colvin to be both considerate and deliberate in his thought on cinema, and was immensely satisfied to see how that though translated to the screen. Sabbatical also has one of the single most astonishing final shots you will see this year."

For Jake's full WFF wrap-up, go here.

Here's an interview with Brandon, conducted for the UW-Madison Department of Communication Arts.

To see Brandon interviewed on Wisconsin Public Television alongside other Wisconsin filmmakers, head here. Brandon begins at the 19:30 mark.

Check out this Soundcloud link to hear Brandon (and other festival filmmakers) chat with WORT radio hosts Mel and Floyd. Brandon begins at the 29:07 mark.

The Capital Times dubbed Sabbatical among the "best new indie" films on display at the WFF.

And, here are a few ringing endorsements from fellow filmmakers Amanda Rose Wilder and Jason Sussberg!

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