Pre-Production in Full Effect

We're three months out from shooting. There's a lot of work to do. Casting decisions are nearly finalized. Location scouting has begun in earnest.  The crew is being selected piece-by-piece.

Next month, our IndieGoGo project for the film will launch. As has become conventional wisdom, crowdfunding efforts are a ton of work. Tony will be taking the lead on that bit of pre-production, while I manage casting and locations. Sabbatical has been sponsored by Fractured Atlas, an organization that enables artists to attain non-profit status for their projects. This means that all donations to the film's IndieGoGo project will be tax deductible (donors may deduct donated monies from their taxable income, as permitted by law). We're quite excited about this and hope it will incentivize donors.

In other news, Tony and I (and Nora Stone, Sabbatical's art director) had a great time at the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, MO earlier this month. We caught a number of magnificent films -- highlights being Northern Light, Computer Chess, and Leviathan -- and interacted with some really exciting filmmakers. Perhaps our most memorable encounter was with Dustin Guy Defa (Bad Fever, Family Nightmare), who approached us and told me how much he loved Frames. I was shocked and honored. It was a proud moment and one that left me with an even deeper appreciation of what getting on No Budge has done for the film (650 total views!). Huge thanks to our friends Mike Sickels and Mike King for making True/False extra awesome.