This first post will be a brief one, basically a preview of what's to come. During the pre-production phase, this blog will be used as a venue for me to discuss some of the important aesthetic ideas informing Sabbatical, especially my thoughts on acting, rhythm, mood, and realism. Once the site gets going at full speed, I plan to create posts about the following:

-Vilhelm Hammershøi & Carl Dreyer
-Robert Bresson & Chantal Akerman
-Casting & Rehearsing

I'm sure that more topics will come, but these are the subjects I will definitely cover.

Once production begins (or at least once things really get swinging), I'm going to use this blog as a sort of production diary. Daily notes about how shooting went. Photos, etc. In the post-production phase, Tony and I will be blogging about the editing process, sound mixing, color correction, and the like.

Should be fun. Stay tuned.