We've been very busy with post-production polishes and festival submissions (not to mention our 9-5 lives), hence the infrequency of blogs. I just keep making blog promises I can't keep. Sending files and comments between Madison and NYC means that exchanges and notes go slower, but the work is getting done.

In the meantime, producer and editor Tony Oswald has been developing a beautiful, emotionally powerful narrative, six seconds at a time, on Vine (Tony Besides). Tony is slowly introducing new (now totally autonomous) characters (Katie Besides, Kim Besides, Cord Besides) to his mostly autobiographical (though stylized) universe, forming a complex portrait of modern marriage, family, work, and creativity. It's possible that we'll be shepherding Tony's vision into a feature film as one of Moss Garden Productions' future projects, which is very exciting (here's a sample). Cinematographer Aaron Granat has also been busy making a series of short "video tours" depicting the spectator's encounter with art for the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art's Wisconsin Triennial; check them out here.

I've been thinking a lot about the difference between "major" (large-scale, complicated, "important") and "minor" (artisanal, simple, modest) cinema recently. I see myself as always being very much in the latter camp, primarily because the stories I want to tell and the way I want to tell them calls for such an approach. I would rather make ten movies for $100K each, even twenty for $50K, than one for $1M. My dream is to do what filmmakers like Eric Rohmer, Claude Chabrol, Hong Sang-soo, Yasujiro Ozu -- even Joe Swanberg -- have done: make small films according to my own aesthetic with consistent collaborators (even a steady troupe of actors) as frequently as possible. One feature every 2-3 years for the rest of my life. That would leave me with about 20-25 films under my belt by the time I'm 80. Sounds about right. I'd be tired enough to die then.

As the title of this blog promised, here are the first official images from the film.