About Us

Moss Garden Productions is a cinema production partnership based in Madison, Wisconsin and Brooklyn, NYC. We are committed to  locally produced, aesthetically challenging, truly independent filmmaking. Aspiring to a high standard of stylistic rigor and embracing formal experimentation, we hope to contribute an original voice to the field of narrative cinema.


Have questions, comments, or words of wisdom? Please direct them to us at: sabbatical.mossgarden@gmail.com

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Brandon Colvin - Writer/Director/Producer

Originally from Kentucky, Brandon began plying his skills at filmmaking in high school by writing scripts and making shorts. At Western Kentucky University, he met Tony Oswald. When he moved to Madison, WI for graduate school, he met Aaron Granat. The three of them made Frames (2012), the first film from Moss Garden Productions. Sabbatical is the group's second collaboration.

In addition to being a filmmaker, Brandon is a PhD student in film studies and a film production instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. On this site, he blogs periodically about Sabbatical.

Tony Oswald - Editor/Post-Production Supervisor/Producer


Tony Oswald also grew up in Kentucky and began writing, directing and editing short films in high school. After graduating from WKU in 2008, he was accepted into the International Radio and Television Society Summer Fellowship, which paid his way to NYC and placed him as an intern at Grey Advertising. 

He has since developed a successful career as a freelance editor for advertising, television and film, and has taken on the roles of producer and editor for Sabbatical. Tony lives in Brooklyn and visits Kentucky as frequently as possible.